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With smart home technology, we have convenience, entertainment and peace of mind at the tips of our fingers.

But another feature of these smart devices is their ability to save money on utility bills. Adding a few energy-saving smart devices can save 20 to 30 percent yearly on your utility bills.

The biggest part of the utilities we pay goes toward heating and cooling our water and homes. You can save money by conserving the water you use and limiting hot water to necessary functions, such as dishes and laundry loads. However, that still leaves the chore of heating and cooling our homes.

While it’s always a good idea to properly insulate your home and ensure your windows are sealed, there is still more you can do. Try a smart thermostat, which can save you around 10 percent on utility bills. A smart thermostat can be controlled remotely by an app on your phone. This way, you can schedule the temperatures in your home when you are away from home. Smart thermostats are one of the most popular smart home devices. Most utility companies offer a $50-$100 rebate for installing one.

Energy is the next most expensive utility that quietly adds to our bills every month. With endless electronics and devices, no wonder our energy bills are so high. Adding smart switches, sensors and bulbs that can shut off lights and devices when not in use can help.

Going a step further, install an energy monitoring system such as “Sense.” An energy monitoring system will identify devices and appliances adding to your energy bill. This sensor is installed in your electrical panel, is connected to Wi-Fi and can be monitored by an app on your smartphone. It will help you identify “vampire” loads and which are costing you the most money.

Armed with this information, you can begin to form better energy-using habits and maybe a few more “smart” things to help reduce energy waste. For instance, getting a smart power strip will reduce the idle power consumption of home entertainment systems. Of course, using integrations with such systems as Alexa, Google, etc, you can set up energy-saving automation to save you more money.

A little-known fact is that many modern household electronics go into a “standby” mode instead of powering down completely. This means even when not in use, they continue to draw power. This allows them to communicate with other devices, get updates and load faster. But of course, if you are not around to use them, it’s a total waste of money. Some of the biggest culprits are smart TV’s, gaming systems, DVR’s and computers. You can cut off power by installing smart plugs/outlets and smart power strips when they are not being used. Also, unplugging phone and device charges when not in use will help you save. They, too, keep drawing energy even when not plugged into a device.

Innovative home technology is ever-changing and being more widely accepted. However, many still struggle with the upfront costs for devices and installation. Different retailers are making it easier for the average person to get in on the game by offering startup kits, low-cost devices and videos to help anyone get started. So not only can everyone benefit from the money saved and convenience, but also the security and peace of mind that smart home …….



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