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S-based home automation systems provider, Unihoms Smart Home Automation brings its affordable luxury smart home upgrade packages to every home in the US, Middle East and Africa. Unihoms delivers convenience and the luxury of living a smart life with its smart home automation system. Unlike other providers, the convenience even comes during installation because it does not need rewiring and drilling, and only lasts for three hours or even less. All these conveniences come with an affordable price tag that is sure to fit within any household’s budget

Mohammad Bakkour, President, Unihoms Global Tech, says, “Unihoms technology has created a disruption in the smart home industry through facilitating the Internet of Things to residential and commercial users at the lowest set-up cost via WI-FI Protocol. We are building a global network of distributors from USA to Africa and the Middle East, and extend our invitation to join our programme to business owners, system integrators, manufacturers and solution providers.”

For residential, the brand’s bespoke solutions are designed for villa/home owners. Therefore, with Unihoms there is no need to drill or break walls. From smart lighting to home entertainment, all controlled through the UniHoms app, Unihoms offers various smart home upgrade packages to cater to the different needs of home owners. Or customers could choose to just upgrade their thermostats.

For commercial purposes, Unihoms implements state-of-the-art technology to empower businesses with data and energy saving costs through SAAS, when providing its products and solutions. Besides, in addition to everything from commercial lighting to smart offices, Unihoms’ hotel and Airbnb solutions have helped many holiday homes/ Airbnb owners in reducing operational costs while optimising tenant experiences via smart door access and smart lighting, along with SAAS software, which assisted greatly in move in and out operations.

Source: https://gulfnews.com/technology/unihoms-making-smart-home-and-office-systems-affordable-to-all-1.1643620881963


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