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Its bedtime, you turn off the lights and TV, and get comfortable to doze off to a sound sleep, but wait! Did you lock the main door? Not sure, you walk up to the main door and see it’s locked. Reassured, you get back to your bed, slightly tired, and wait to doze off. This is very common and happens with most of us, since subconsciously we are very concerned about our and our family’s safety and security. But wouldn’t it be better if you would rather ask someone else to check on the door, rather than disturbing your sleep. And no, I am not asking you to hire a help or trouble your kids. This and a lot of other daily use cases to make your home a comfortable, convenient and secured place can be solved with smart home automation devices.

There are multiple products and options available in the market to ensure security of your home with smart devices. Let me present to you three smart devices, which will ensure security of your home, without digging a huge hole in your pocket.

Smart doorlock

A smart doorlock replaces the existing doorlock on the main door of your home, and can be unlocked using your phone. You also get the options to unlock using a numeric password, fingerprint, RFID card and of course the traditional key keeps you covered in the absence of electricity and/or WiFi. You can monitor if the door is locked or unlocked on your phone, without needing to get up and check on the door yourself. So now, you don’t have to worry if you locked the door or not once you have left home. Got a friend on the door and you are not at home? Unlock the door for him through your phone. You no longer have to give your house keys to your house help and you no longer have to worry about not being able to find the house keys while leaving for a party. Sounds interesting? It gets more interesting as you combine this with the next two security devices.

Smart video doorbell

A smart video doorbell, gets mounted on your main door and also serves as a 24*7 security surveillance camera, where you can check the live video feed on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. When someone rings the doorbell, you get a notification and a video call on your phone, which you can answer to see the visitor and talk to them using the 2-way communication feature. Never miss your online deliveries and pass on the instructions to the delivery boy to leave the parcel with a neighbour or on the door itself. The smart video doorbell is also equipped with a motion sensor to capture images of suspicious movements in front your door and sends a notification to your phone.

Smart camera

A smart camera is the best alternative to the traditional CCTV camera without the accompanying hassles and huge setup costs. Simply mount it inside your home, plug in the power supply and share WiFi access. You can now monitor your house through your phone, from anywhere across the world. The 2-way communication feature would let you speak to your kids and parents and also keep a check on your house help.

Technology has truly evolved significantly over the past decade and with the internet of things, the possibilities are endless, limited only …….

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/voices/unlock-comfort-and-convenience-security-benefits-of-smart-home-automated-devices/


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