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With borders re-opening around Australia, you might be planning a luxury escape with your partner or a getaway with friends. After being stuck at home for the last two years, it’s about time you saw what the world has to offer. Aside from packing your bags and organising your annual leave, you might be wondering if your home security system is up to scratch.

While you could call a home security expert to install big locks and barb-wire fences around your home, installing a security system that makes use of your smart home setup is the best course of action.

All you have to do is connect a camera (or cameras) to your internet and you’ll be in possession of home security system that’ll give you some peace of mind while you’re out and about. You can even rely on a smart home device or two to check in if your anxiety nags at you.

Here’s what you need to know about installing a new home security system or giving your current one an upgrade, along with a few smart camera suggestions.

What to consider before buying home security cameras

There’s a very wide range of devices to choose from with differing feature sets, price points, subscription options and setup routines. There’s a certain quantity of personal tailoring you can undertake when choosing a home security camera solution, but broadly you should consider the following features when comparing:

  • Image quality: Cheaper cameras shoot only in Full HD, and some older ones are even worse than that. Paying more for 4K might make sense, as long as your home internet connection is up to the challenge.
  • Design: If it’s going inside your home, does it match the décor, or is it uglier than a sewer rat? If it’s going to surveil the outside of your home, look for weather resistance, and consider if you want your cameras hidden from burglars, or obvious in order to deter them.
  • Installation: This isn’t just software, but also whether your camera choices have optional mounts or brackets to affix them in place. You wouldn’t want your security camera stolen, right?
  • Subscription costs: The cost of the camera isn’t the only price you may pay. Some cameras are standalone and record to embedded storage, but many use the cloud. These services usually come with a range of subscription offerings, from free limited tiers to complex multi-camera setups and long-term archives. The cost of the camera isn’t the only price you may pay.

There’s a lot of really cheap camera options you can buy, but it’s worth being wary of the very cheapest, especially if they’re net-connected. If you can’t be sure that they’ll be updated, you’re potentially also installing a hacking point into your home. Then again, even the big brands can undergo this kind of crisis.

Pricing: From $74.99 per camera.
Subscription pricing: Basic plan is …….

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