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Your home could be a finely tuned hive of efficiency, where scheduled lights turn on and off, conserving energy automatically, illuminating your walkways, and dimming your bedroom as you doze off in the middle of a movie.

A smart home hub is the control center for different devices and their apps. Hold up, can’t you just do that with your phone? You absolutely can. Home Depot’s Hubspace app takes the confusion out of setting up a smart home with one app to control a wide array of products that are easy to set up and easy to use, such as lights, outlets, and ceiling fans. Adding to all that, they’re also attractively priced.

To make setup a snap, Hubspace is compatible with Google and Alexa, making it simple to expand on what you’ve already got. Plus, if you have existing Hubspace products, you can integrate those in and control everything using Google or Alexa. It’s also designed with some of the best cybersecurity on the smart home market, so you can feel confident you’re keeping your abode safe.

Here’s how to get your smart home up and running — so you’re not racing home to make sure you turned off the curling iron.

Scan a QR code

Once you’ve downloaded the Hubspace app, setting up your smart home is as easy as screwing in a light bulb — or in this case, an energy-saving LED bulb emitting the equivalent of 60 watts using only 8 watts. Tap the plus sign to add a product, scan the QR code on the packaging, connect the product to power, and start setup.

Credit: EcoSmart

Schedule lights

Your phone is your hub with Hubspace. When you set up a WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled dimmer with a motion sensor, for example, you can decide when a light goes on and off, set a grace period before the room goes dark, and customize fade times with a few taps. For laughs, you can also trick the people you live with, but that’s not nice.

Credit: Commercial Electric

Take remote control from your phone

Can’t remember if you left the space heater running? If this always seems to be you, smart plugs allow you to cut off the juice without a mad dash back home. These clever plugs can turn anything that plugs into a wall into a smart device since you control their power source from the Hubspace app.

Credit: Defiant

Make the switch

At home or in the office, smart recessed lights are easy to install and manage. For added hands-free, voice-activated convenience, Hubspace products are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri and Google Assistant. Just say turn off the lights, and no more touching those germy light switches.

Credit: Commercial Electric

Add a cool aesthetic

Futuristic and functional, a smart RGB (red, green and blue LEDs) and tunable white tape light creates a ton of different colors and levels up your décor to add videogame accents or subtle atmospheric lowlights. Install …….



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