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Make your home smarter with Kasa Smart Plugs, on sale from Amazon.


I remember watching “Smart House” (1999) when I was a kid and thinking how crazy it would be to have a house you can talk to and control. This was further exacerbated by Tony Stark’s JARVIS AI in the “Iron Man” movies, but always seemed like a science fiction pipe dream. But the future is here, and we can all create our own smart home these days without breaking the bank.

Sure, you could spend tens of thousands hard-wiring a complete smart home system, or you can just use smart plugs. With this deal from Amazon, you can get a 4-Pack of Kasa Smart Plugs for just $23.99 (20% off).

Smart plugs like these are designed to transform any standard outlet into a smart outlet that you can control with your voice using Alexa Echo Show or Google Home Assistant. I actually have these exact smart plugs myself, and it’s as easy as plugging them in, letting your Smart Home Hub find them and connect, and then giving them a name. After that, you can just use your voice to power them on and off.

Kasa Smart Plugs can also be controlled using your smartphone through either the Kasa app or whichever smart home app you use, such as Amazon Alexa. This means that you can see its status and then turn the plug on and off from anywhere in the world. Never worry about leaving something on and running again.

So if you want to start turning your house or apartment into a smart home, pick up a 4-pack of Kasa Smart Plugs today from Amazon for just $23.99.



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