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Smart home company Vivint is launching an updated range of new home security devices today, as well as enhancing the intelligence of its home security system with an upgraded computer vision chip (CVC).

There’s four new Vivint products set to hit the market including the Doorbell Camera Pro, Outdoor Camera Pro, Indoor Camera Pro, and a new device called the Spotlight Pro. All four can be integrated into an existing Vivint setup to make you home “even smarter and more secure,” according to Jim Nye, Chief Product Officer at Vivint.

Vivint’s system relies on a centralized controller, smartphone app, a range of devices professionally installed in your home, and artificial intelligence to both learn user patterns and detect potential threats. The whole system is then monitored remotely 24/7, and when PCMag reviewed the system last year, we found it to be one of the best security systems for professional home monitoring.

Vivint says these new devices were designed with feedback from homeowners in mind, and the first enhancement is an upgrade to the proprietary CVC. The new chip is meant to unlock more intelligence, improving object and person detection while enhancing the Smart Deter capabilities of the cameras.

Let’s take a quick look at the new devices being launched today:

Doorbell Camera Pro

The Doorbell Camera Pro offers the same 180-by-180 degree lens, two-way talk, and Smart Deter with 90db speaker of the original. However, it adds an on-camera encrypted SD card and enhances the camera sensor and HDR for better color and low-light video performance.

The new form factor allows for a larger button and larger, brighter LED light to be integrated. The upgraded CVC means it should be even harder for a porch pirate to steal your packages.

Outdoor Camera Pro

The new Outdoor Camera Pro retains the 85db speaker, LED illumination ring, 360-degree ball joint for positioning, and a 140-degree lens with 3x zoom and a 4K HDR sensor. Add to that night vision, surveillance zones, and a far-field microphone for two-way talk.

The updated model promises improved image color depth, an on-camera encrypted SD card, and compatibility with the new Spotlight Pro accessory.

Spotlight Pro

The Spotlight Pro is a brand new product for the Vivint range and is designed to compliment the Outdoor Camera Pro.

The spotlight accessory provides two key functions. The first is as a soft light illumination device, allowing you to safely walk around your property at night. The second is called “Deter Mode” and acts as a serious deferent for potential thieves

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When Deter Mode is enabled it works with the Outdoor Camera Pro to detect people on your property and then shines a bright spotlight on them. The dynamic lighting will adjust with the movement of the person, always keeping them in the spotlight.

Indoor Camera Pro

The new Indoor Camera Pro improves on the existing model by adding a new audio analytics feature which can detect glass breaking as well as reacting to smoke and CO2 detectors installed in your home. It can then send an alert via the smart home panel so the homeowner can react quickly.

As with the other new models, there’s a built-in encrypted SD card, improved detection thanks to the new CVC, and a Privacy Mode so the camera can be …….



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