Wemo Smart Video Doorbell Review: Apple-only smarts – Reviewed

The Wemo doorbell’s extra-wide camera offers sweeping home security views.

About the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell

Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

Here’s a look at what comes with the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell.

Price: $249.99
Color: Black
Connectivity: Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
Power source: Hardwire, 16-24 V AC transformers with 30 VA or higher
Resolution: 1200 x 1600
Field of view: 178 degrees
Smart assistant support: Siri
Weather rating: IP65
Weight: 0.25 pounds
Dimensions: 4.9-inch L × 1.7-inch W × 1.4-inch D

An iOS device, like an iPhone or iPad, is a requirement to set up and use the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell. (It does not work with Android devices.) Hardwiring the doorbell is easy and quick, so long as you don’t run into any snags with your existing wiring (this is not a battery-powered doorbell). Adding the doorbell to the Home app for iOS devices is simple using near-field communication or by scanning the HomeKit code on the back of the device. Unlike other Wemo products, is not possible to add the doorbell to the Wemo app—this device is Apple only.

A mounting plate, optional wedge, mini screwdriver, and screws for installation are included with the doorbell. You may also need a drill to create pilot holes to hold the mounting bracket if you don’t already have them.

What we like

Great wide-angle view

Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

The Wemo Smart Video Doorbell Camera for Apple HomeKit shows a wide view of all the details at your front door.

The Wemo Smart Video Doorbell offers a notable 178-degree field of view (140-degree horizontal and 223-degree diagonal)—one of the most expansive front door views you can find right now. The doorbell gives a head-to-toe look at people, as well as packages on the ground below from its 4-megapixel camera. The Logitech Circle View Doorbell, one of the few HomeKit competitors to Wemo’s buzzer, has a smaller 160-degree field of view.

If I could air one minor grievance here about the wide-angle view, it’s that it distorts the corners of the video in Apple’s Home app, giving it a stretched-out, fisheye-like look around the border. This doesn’t block the view in any way, but most video doorbells don’t look like this and it took some time for me to adjust to the new viewing style.

Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

Here’s a look at the view from my front porch on both the Logitech Circle View Video Doorbell (left) and Wemo Smart Video Doorbell (right).

The 1200 x 1600 video resolution on Wemo’s doorbell is good but not great, though this is what you can expect from most HomeKit video doorbells. The resolution is the same as Logitech’s video doorbell and, when compared side by side, both look very similar. I had no trouble making out facial features of family members or distinguishing my dog from the neighborhood cat with Wemo’s view, but the video quality is not as sharp as other premium-priced, non-HomeKit doorbells like the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual or the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2.

The digital optical zoom also works relatively well to help sharpen far-away details but is hindered by some occasional …….

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