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Smart homes are one of the realities that took shape out of a vivid and futuristic vision of comfort and safety. IoT which was initially used to control and monitor industrial operations has now found a place in every corner of the modern home. However, it is like a toddler learning to walk, trying to find proper footing and stability.

This is primarily because of the scepticism and high costs which are associated with every new piece of technology and sure IoT and smart homes are no exception. It is genuine for the consumers to wonder whether home automation is worth their money or not. If you are one of those consumers, then today is your lucky day as you are about to find out the pros and cons of smart homes.

The Bright Side

The fact that the bright side seems promising enough drives humankind to counter the dark one while enhancing the potential of the bright one. Let’s delve into some of the significant benefits of automated homes.


The degree of control that smart homes provide consequently results in a lifestyle that requires minimum effort. For instance, you can schedule your geyser to turn on even before you wake up and not have to wait for warm water in the bath. Similarly, you can schedule your AC to turn on and return home to a cool and cosy atmosphere where you can kick back and relax after an exhausting day. Add to that the scenes and rooms that you can now design with virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant and suddenly automated homes and you would be aching to start your home’s transformation into a smart one.

Boon for the Elderly and the Differently abled

Getting up to switch off the lights, attending to the visitors at the door, preparing grocery lists and setting alarms are some of the many daily activities that seem physically and mentally draining even to the young and the fit. It is impossible to imagine the discomfort that they cause to the elderly and the disabled. In today’s age, it is difficult to manage a full-time job while also being available for your parents. Smart homes take a lot off their shoulders and also make it easier for children and family members to communicate with the elders living alone.

Safe and Secure

It goes without saying that smart homes are way ahead of your regular homes when it comes to security. With the help of IoT-based devices like a smart camera, smart door lock, multi-layered smart security system, fire detectors and motion sensors, smart homes ensure that your private space is safe from intruders and disasters. You get instant notifications on your smartphone that prompt quick action to counter the damage caused or about to be caused. The best part is that you can be anywhere and yet protect your valuables.

Energy Efficient

It would be apt to consider people as global citizens in today’s time when the whole world is connected through various social media platforms. As global citizens, it is our responsibility to use natural resources responsibly. Smart homes make it possible for us to monitor our energy use and even prevent electricity wastage. Forgetting to switch off appliances and vampire draw from devices like AC, TV and geyser is a real thing that happens in every home. …….

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