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Smart homes were long considered a niche idea, reserved mostly for wealthy individuals who invest in custom-built houses or condos.

As time and technology have advanced, the concept of a cutting-edge home equipped with smart devices has become a reality for many homeowners. Today, you can turn your abode into a smart home using a number of select devices.

Setting up a smart home might look like a complex task, even with the available options. This article will tell you about the essential devices needed to turn your house into a smart home. We’ll also go through some crucial considerations when putting together your smart system.

The Smart Speaker – The Heart of Your System

If you intend to use your smart home system via voice commands, you’ll need to get a smart speaker. These speakers connect with your virtual assistant (VA) and provide control over other devices.

You can choose from a variety of styles for smart speakers or even opt for a smart display. These essentially do the same thing as speakers with the addition of a screen. Getting a smart display means you can also view security camera feeds or watch videos. At the same time, you are able to issue commands to the device in the same way as with a smart speaker.

There’s a significant setback when it comes to smart speakers. All of them function exclusively through the VA, and most are dedicated to working with a single brand. In other words, you can get a smart speaker with full support for Amazon Alexa, but it won’t work with Apple’s Siri.

You should pay attention to a number of things when choosing the right smart speaker for your home. The aforementioned virtual assistant is undoubtedly among the most important features, and your choice will largely depend on what you intend to use it for.

Alexa is, of course, connected to Amazon’s e-commerce services. This makes the VA particularly handy if you want the convenience of ordering online with voice commands. Furthermore, Amazon occasionally features special deals geared toward voice orders. If you decide to buy Amazon’s own smart speakers, it’s possible to extend their functionality with third-party plugins.

Google Assistant uses the immense knowledge database of its parent company. If you want a VA that can answer most questions in an instant, this is the best choice for you. The sheer versatility, as well as Android and Chromecast support, will put Google Assistant at the top of many lists.

Siri is the ultimate choice for people who primarily use iOS devices. Apple’s VA has full support for the essential iPhone and iPad functions. While both Alexa and Google Assistant can still outperform Siri in terms of voice search, it’s worth noting that Apple’s AI is receiving constant improvements. Another limiting factor when it comes to using Siri is that the support for the VA is available only on Apple’s smart speakers.

Looking beyond your choice of smart speaker brand and, by extension, the virtual assistant you’ll use, you’ll need to consider the audio quality.

This aspect will be paramount for devices that function through sound. Naturally, the audio quality will become especially pronounced if you want to command your smart speaker to play music. In most cases, you’ll have plenty to choose from on this front. It would be best to opt for stereo rather …….

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