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Security systems have existed for several years now but with smart home appliances and connected devices, they’ve been made more accessible and cost-effective than they’ve ever been. Although Google Assistant is the most used digital assistant, it is Amazon’s Alexa that runs on a large chunk of the smart speaker and smart display market.

If you own an Echo device in the US, you can use it to secure your home even when you’re away, thanks to a feature that Amazon calls “Alexa Guard”.

In this post, we’ll explain what Alexa Guard is and how it can safeguard your house even in your absence. 

What is Alexa Guard?

Alexa Guard is a feature that helps keep your home safe when you’re away. It comes natively configured inside Amazon Echo smart displays, speakers, and connected devices. When properly set up, your Echo devices will actively listen for dangerous sounds within your premises to tell you whether the gas is leaking, something is burning or theft is being attempted. 

If you have multiple Echo devices and you’ve added them all to Alexa Guard, any one of their far-field microphones will be triggered to sense dangerous sound. When any device detects such a sound, you will receive an alert from the Alexa app on your phone so that you know there’s some suspicious or dangerous activity happening at your home.

Not just that, you’ll also receive a 10-second audio clip of the sound that was detected and if you want to hear more of what’s happening, you’ll get the option to hear what’s going on at your home in real-time. This helps you avoid getting back home for false alarms or when the devices detect activities even when someone you know is at the house. This way, you can try returning home only if you’re absolutely sure there’s something suspicious going on. 

What all can Alexa Guard detect at your home?

With Alexa Guard, your Echo devices can be made to detect sounds from home whenever you’re away. When enabled, you will receive a notification every time any of your Echo devices at home can sense these sounds:

  • Breaking of glass, which could be from broken windows or doors because of a theft attempt.
  • Smoke alarms, that you may have installed at home to detect when something’s burning 
  • Carbon monoxide alarms. that detect smoke or burning

Alexa Guard can also be set up to turn on smart lights at your home to look like someone is present in the house. The feature can also be coupled with compatible security systems like ADT Pulse/Control, Ring Alarm, and Scout Alarm. 

What devices support Alexa Guard?

By default, Alexa Guard can be activated on any modern Echo device that has a built-in microphone and is not portable. These include:

  • Amazon Echo (all generations)
  • Echo Show (all generations)
  • Echo Dot (all generations)
  • Echo Plus (all generations)
  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Input

You won’t be able to use non-Amazon Alexa-enabled devices to detect sounds with the Alexa Guard feature. 

There’s a paid Alexa Guard Plus subscription that Amazon offers to give more device monitoring features for third-party Alexa-enabled devices …….

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