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Jennifer Jolly
 |  Special to USA TODAY

Tame your electric bill with a few key smart home products

These smart home upgrades will pay for themselves by cutting your energy bill.

Jennifer Jolly, Special to USA TODAY

I thought it was just us. Or rather, me. That giant energy bill that arrived at the end of last month? I thought it was all my fault because I’m such a fussy Goldilocks-type who wants everything “just right” in my house. 

It’s true: I’m that person who goes room to room turning on – and up – every light possible nearly all hours of the day. “I just can’t see in dimly lit rooms,” I whine when my husband trails not too far behind switching them off. Then there’s all this weird weather. 

It’s our first summer in a new home, in a new state, and it was crazy-cold – unseasonably so – according to every neighbor and store clerk within a 100-mile radius. Every time same-said hubby told me to stop cranking up the heat and to put a coat on instead, I grumped, “But it’s so cold I can see my breath.” When Mother Nature beat me to the punch a few weeks ago and twisted that dial up about 30 degrees overnight to “instant sweltering summer” levels, I blasted the air conditioning. We’ve never lived in a house with built-in air conditioning before. What a treat! 

Am I the reason our energy bills have skyrocketed this year? Not exactly. Though I do need to be much more responsible about it overall, energy costs are increasing dramatically for nearly everyone. But so is the number of people – including my family – buying smart home gadgets. 

According to a Safewise consumer survey, three out of four Americans purchased a smart home product in the past year. If you’re one of them, that device might help you curb your energy costs, starting today.

“Not all smart devices are designed to help you save on electricity or lower your bills, but the ones that are, do a good job of addressing common sources of wasted energy,” says Dylan Garrett, head of climate tech at Synapse and host of the “Hardware to Save a Planet” podcast. 

Deciding where to start is always the biggest hurdle, and most people want to see the biggest energy and cost savings with as little effort as possible. We have plenty of advice on that, but the first bit of smart home tech I grabbed wasn’t something I bought to buffer my bank account. It just did that all on its own. 

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