Why Smart Plugs Are Some Of The Best Energy-Saving Tech For Your Home – SlashGear

A smart plug’s draw lies in its ability to make schedules that control when appliances receive power throughout the day. Once an appliance is plugged in, you are able to use a mobile app or a voice assistant such as Alexa to set the times you want it to switch on and off. This feature is especially useful if you have routines that involve leaving the house daily for work, school, or any other reason. With it, you no longer have to feel unsure if you forgot to leave the lights on or not because it’s automatically taken care of. You can also use these plugs to set sleep timers for lamps, TVs, or holiday lights; they’ll automatically turn off once the time you selected has passed.

Additionally, you can use a smart plug’s scheduling features to run appliances during off-peak times when utility providers offer cheaper services (via CNET). These are typically late nights or early mornings when fewer people use electricity, though it’ll vary a bit depending on your particular location. By automating appliances like dishwashers, washers, and dryers during those periods, you can save big on your electricity bill.

Source: https://www.slashgear.com/907849/why-smart-plugs-are-some-of-the-best-energy-saving-tech-for-your-home/


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