Wyze Smart Switch lets you control lights & other Wyze devices with the press of a button – Gadget Flow

February 19, 2022 by No Comments

Create light automation and control Wyze devices easily with the Wyze Smart Switch. It’s designed for Wyze Bulbs to leave your power and intact, so you don’t need to remove current bulbs. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly to your home life with 4 custom actions. For example, use a single press to turn on the lights, a double press to lock doors, and 3 presses to power on a Wyze Robot Vacuum. You could even add a function to spray unwanted guests with the Sprinkler by pressing and holding the button. Above all, the Wyze Smart Switch features Vacation Mode, so you can make it appear like someone’s always home. Finally, if there’s a power loss, it automatically reconnects to Wi-Fi and returns to its previous state.

Source: https://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/wyze-smart-switch-lets-you-control-lights-other-wyze-devices-with-the-press-of-button/


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