You can now control your smart home devices with Home Assistant on your Wear OS watch – PhoneArena

In a blog post, the team behind Home Assistant, a service that lets you control your smart home appliances, announced the release of a Home Assistant app for Wear OS watches. Now you can operate your smart devices at home with Home Assistant directly from your wrist.

Home Assistant stated that it wanted the app on the smartwatch to be independent of the phone application. So, in other words, you should be able to control your favorite smart appliances at home even if your phone is not near you.

The new Home Assistant Wear OS app has a Favorites feature, which will show your most-used devices at the top of the app. This way, you will have fast and easy access to your devices. Home Assistant also said that the favorite devices would be available even before the app has fully loaded.

To add or remove devices from the Favorites list, you can use the Settings screen in the Wear OS or the phone apps. You can also use the phone to change the order of your devices. Another neat feature you will receive with the Home Assistant Wear OS app is a tile with your devices. By using the tile feature, you won’t even need to open the app. You can select up to seven devices, which you can toggle from the Home Assistant tile. To select these seven devices, go to the Settings screen in the Wear OS app.

The new Home Assistant Wear OS app also comes with instant widget updates to the Home Assistant widget on your phone. When you toggle something on your watch, the widget on your phone will immediately reflect the change.

Although Home Assistant released the Wear OS app on the Google Play Store, the app is still in its beta period, and the team is still working on it. The Home Assistant team also warns that in order for some of the features to work, both the phone and watch apps must be on the same version.



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